Coppola Keratin Treatments

We offer two types of Keratin treatments. All of our treatments are formaldehyde free, and leave your hair feeling better than ever!

The Capolla Natural Keratin Complex is specifically formulated to eliminate frizz, curls, and unruly hair. The treatment typically lasts 3-5 months, and the in salon process takes up to 2 hours to preform. The hair will need to stay in a straightened state, unwashed, for 72 hours.

The Keratin Express Blowout eliminates dry, unmanageable hair. This service typically lasts 6-8 weeks, and takes 45 minutes to preform in salon. The hair will need to stay in a straightened, unwashed state for 8 hours.

Some facts about this product
» You can use keratin directly after a hair color. In fact, it helps seal down the cuticle of the hair and lock in color.
» You can also use this product on chemically damaged hair, It actually is recommended. There is a different process for over lightened and extremely porous hair, but your stylist will determine the integrity of your hair upon consultation.
» Keratin does NOT completely straighten your hair. Love that wave! Both products will reduce styling time by at least half. In extremely curly hair expect a relaxed more manageable wave.

At Home Care
After receiving your treatment, your hair will shine. It will be hard to not touch and play with, but please try to refrain. Remember your hair will look that amazing even after the first wash. Do not use any hair ties, clips, or headbands. If these products are used, please straighten hair back afterwards. Smooth out any kinks, or bevels that may occur while you sleep, or during any activity. We cannot guarantee these results without the use of our products. You will be required to use all sulfate free shampoos, conditioners and styling products. We offer two different lines to choose from that will fit any lifestyle, and hair needs.

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